• Emmanuel

    On a Mission

    In a couple of weeks, I enter a new phase in my journey: entering the seminary. I can hardly believe that I will be there, like many young men before me (women were not admitted until the mid60s). As I studied the pictures on the walls of Emmanuel College, Victoria University in the University of Toronto, I felt a kinship, and also an awareness that this was a privilege, a rarity, not just because I’m a woman, but because few people ever choose this path. And I get to do it while still having a somewhat “normal” life, commuting three days a week, doing homework, reading, writing, dialoguing, communing.

    Emmanuel private prayer room

    I’m on a mission: Christ pushed me to work with people and heal them. Before this decision, I worked as a Spiritual Director / Healer and Direct Channel of the divine. I had my apprehensions, worries, as my spiritual gifts became a part of who I am. I even went to a Jesuit retreat with Catholic sisters and priests, to make sure I was “OK” with all of this. I am. One priest said, “I’ve never met anyone like you.” He validated my gifts are from God and only God decides “Who, when, where and for how long.” That gave me some peace.

    Manresa Retreat, Pickering Ont.

    So what does that mean? It means I have work to do. The feeling of having a mission isn’t just my imagination or wishful thinking. I have to take it to the limit. Beyond what I’m comfortable with, what makes sense, what I want. And embrace the wild unknown – the spiritual landscape of many “others”: people of different backgrounds, faith traditions, experiences. Not only will I learn a lot from them, but I will also be moved to offer what I have – my gifts, services when the time comes, and the unexpected. As they say, “God had other plans.”

    My mission is simple: to heal others through the grace of God, under the direction of Christ/Jesus. It includes channeling my healing gifts, messages and sounds/songs (and sometimes making a fool of myself for God). I can’t be comfortable. I have to do what is in me to do, and give what God gives me so others can discover their gifts, too.

    What I love about where I’m going (Emmanuel) is the mixture of many peoples: Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, to name a few. The focus is ecumenical (multi-denominational) and international. We reach and teach locally and globally. The opportunities are endless.

    emmanuel chapel
    Emmanuel College chapel

    One of the joys of my new life at Emmanuel will be participating in the Toronto School of Theology (TST) choir, a mix of 6 denominations working side by side to provide sacred music for the colleges and beyond. I will meet new people, learn new songs and blend my voice with many others, experiencing that “oneness” we all talk about but rarely get to experience in the world.

    Yes, I’m on a mission from God. And only God knows who, where, when and for how long. I’m grateful he’s starting me at Emmanuel.