Sheep Grazing

Day 24: Shepherd Keep Us

An excerpt from A Daily Book of Miracles, Day 24 of 365, a book in progress, Copyright 2019-2020 by Krista Marie Moore.

Photo credit: Sheep Grazing on Camino, in Galacia, Spain, Krista Moore 2019

Good Shepherd keep me safe from harm, teach me where to go.  Do not tarry too long, but find me and bring me Home.

Imagine a beautiful cottage standing on the Northern shore of a remote island, with waves crashing in the distance, and sheep grazing in the fields along the trail toward the shore.

A gentle boy named David, who is singing and pulling his tunic over his head, picks up his staff to go out for the day to check on his sheep.

All of his sheep are grazing except one. He counts and counts and still there is one missing. He goes down the lane and over the hill to see where the other has gone. He looks back to make sure the other sheep do not follow him or roam. They are busy grazing and do not even look up. 

David finds the lost sheep which has cut its leg hopping over a sharp stone. He wraps it up with a torn piece of his tunic cloth and frees the trembling lamb from his predicament. He picks the young wanderer up and carries him back to the others. They all gather around him with busy noses pressing in to welcome back their lost brother,  who has returned home.

This little sheep is like us, when we wander outside of our natural boundary, when we try to do things our own way. One of God’s shepherds, Jesus, comes to find us and bring us home.  All we have to do is call and He will hear us and send a search and rescue party out.

Whatever the circumstance, whatever the predicament, He will succeed in His mission to restore us home.  

Do not hesitate to call on God and Jesus for help if you feel lost. No one will judge you but yourself. Let go and ask, even if it is a helpless cry in the dark. God will hear you and return you Home and keep you safe in his care.

Daily Miracle Prayer

God, please find me, I am lost. I have wandered too far off the path. I don’t know which way to go. I am so wounded and I cannot walk alone. Lift me up and take me Home. Amen.

Daily Miracle Blessing

Wherever you are, I am near. I am never far from your call. Call on me and I will come for you. I will rescue you. I will send my Beloved Son to guide you and take you Home. 

“I am the good shepherd; I know my sheep and my sheep know me – just as the Father knows me and I know the Father – and I lay down my life for the sheep” (John 10:14-15 NIV)

Krista Moore is a Spiritual Director and soon to be Minister, Yoga Teacher, Healer and Author, Founder of Krista Moore Miracles. For more go to:

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